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Las Vegas Centerpieces - Expert Floral Design by Richard Urban

If you require fresh Las Vegas centerpieces (floral designs which adorn tables and entry ways) for a special event such as a wedding, Flowers by Richard is the florist for you. Richard Urban has been creating beautiful floral designs for centerpieces for as long as he can remember. Whether you want a centerpiece of roses, carnations, sunflowers, Hydrangeas, or bamboo, Richard Urban can do it. At Flowers by Richard, we are not just florists, we are floral artists!

To contact professional Las Vegas florist Richard Urban, please call 702-219-8219 or email him at We will gladly assess your needs, whatever they may be, and ensure your event has a truly memorable centerpiece for your guests to admire. Please check out our Facebook page for updates.

Phone: 702-219-8219


8725 Red Brook Dr.

Las Vegas, NV 89128

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